Efisio Aznar

Efisio is known as The Rebel Painter; This innovative, skilled artist sees the act of creativity as a fight for every moment. He expresses this violence, this tear “on the canvas of his ego” as he puts it. Caesar’s friend and pupil Helene Marion, Efisio describes himself as a rebel, an artist who never wanted to be formatted, who lives with his painting as with the most demanding mistresses.

Portrait of a man with incredible destiny, driven by his art, to whom he gives up the smallest portion of its Essence.

“Each painting is a struggle” says the artist. The monumental canvases deal with themes that mostly represent heart: the love, chaos, neurosis, light. Each painting is a new birth which is sometimes in pain, a rebirth, a new freedom. It is a fear of death that transcends his art, “I win the fight and the canvas compels me” he says. The paintings are the result of visceral work, deep thinking, dreams that can wake him up at night and summon him to paint right away, sometimes for whole days without taking time do anything else. A unique style that he cultivated from an early age. At just 4 years old, Efisio lived for color, and that has not changed. It is a vital need. For him, the strength of the color merges with that of the earth. He paints with a vibrant passion for life that he cherishes. It is a trait he learned from great teachers who became friends. They have supported and pushed him to paint again and again, without being influenced by a current or institution: “I am a rebel, I never wanted to be formatted, I try to convey humanity in my art, an emotion beyond restraint.”

Efisio paints huge linen canvases with different techniques: painting with oil using brushes and knives to build texture. He has created more than 700 art pieces.

His painting, “The City of Clouds” is the link between art and love: “When a man is in wandering, he seeks his feminine side, Love.”