Remi Nonn

My interest in sculpture and clay started very early in life at the age of nine, same year as the death of my father. If found that in this activity I could express feelings that I couldn't place otherwise. Subsequently I had the opportunity to perfection what had became an obviousness for me at the School of Arts of Seyne-sur-mer and later of Toulon.

I continued my journey teaching myself and learning on the way from various people different kinds of techniques. I also helped opening a centre dedicated to the artistic professions of Ollioules, created the trophies of the audiotex and made some bronzes with André Esmenjaud a master in foundry arts and participated in several exhibitions using various materials.

It is from the year 2000 in Paris that I became interested in symbols and after several years of work I created the Tarot of Paris in collaboration with a journalist who wrote the text. Since then my approach is always based on personal development through matter, vibratory fields and empty space associated with the visceral brain as a connection tool.

Several exhibitions at the Balaguier Museum, extraordinary pieces at Roquebrune-sur-Argens, the Bastille art show Paris...

I create because I believe that Art is indivisible from the human being, such like an initiatory journey is guided by the search for the effect in emptiness from a cause that starts in the inner world of each individual and coalesces in macrocosm...

My future projects :

  • Auction sale in Deauville in favour of the Fée Cécilia Association,
  • Art Basel in the USA,
  • Exhebitions in Cologne and Aix-en-Provence