Nathan Browning

Innovative photographer and artist Nathan Browning has been a full-time contributor to the contemporary art world since 2008. He is recognised as one of this country’s preeminent, youngmixed media artists and celebrity portrait photographers.

Nathan’s work caught the eye of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood in 2010. Ronnie commissioned Nathan to contribute to his album artwork and to photograph much of his professional and private life and as a result Nathan and Ronnie formed a close friendship.

Nathan’s photographs and artwork is currently being sold to private estates, corporate collections and galleries globally.

Nathan lives in London and studied at Kings College before going on to study privately with renowned Royal photographer David Montgomery. Nathan worked with David for two years and became his assistant photographer for a further year before going solo. David continues to be a mentor to Nathan.

Nathan is passionate about photographing people and consequently has a talent for capturing the true underlying essence of his subjects. They are honest and emotive. Nathan’s natural charisma and personality lends him to be comfortable photographing within a wide range of genres, bringing the best out of his subjects.

Nathan’s influences include Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, especially during the Beat Poets period in New York. Nathan differentiates himself frompure portrait photographers by combining poetry within his photos. His prose is either focused on the subject of the photograph or the photograph is influenced by the prose itself. Nathan’s use of layers allows his artwork to incorporate an inspired depth of emotion, taking the subject through a timeless journey.

Philanthropy is a driving mission in Nathan’s life and he is involved in a number of charitable organizations at home and overseas. As an example, Nathan’s recent “HEROES” exhibition for the charity United Aid For Azerbaijan was focused on the carers of children in institutions in Azerbaijan. Nathan curated the HEROES exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Baku.