Shoky Van Der Horst

Born in the Netherlands. Shoky van der Horst studied Fashion Design at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht.

It was in Paris however, that she would find her creative wings via a fortuitous confluence of circumstances, in the rarified world of Paris fashion. Firstly as a model, and later as a fashion stylist for various illustrious Paris public relations companies. With international travel and a widened eye, from these auspicious beginnings, the seed of greater creative inspiration was planted.

Discovering a talent for photography, her creativity took flight. Finding a new found means to combine diverse and disparate skills. Shoky van der Horst expressed her nascent talent, combining the worlds of beauty and fashion which combined her unusual flair for light and dark, her uncanny sense of a graphic world, contwining the prosaic and the inherently beautiful. Her work appeared in international press such as; l'Officiel, Style, GQ, Elle, Marie-Claire, Esquire and Profile. This, along with advertising campaigns for major companies such as Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Innes de la Fressange, Mauboussin, Darty, Marrionnaud, and Mac Douglas.

Shoky van der Horst has always used her creative impetus to obtain a fresh, new angle for her clientele, always seeking a playful approach that breaks the established codes.

In 2015, Shoky van der Horst presented for the first time, a collection of her personal photographic oeuvre to the public in Berlin, with a deeply personal exhibition of her photography entitled 'Brutal Beauty'. Twenty-eight images that emanate from her sensitive lense, a highly personal vision of brutality and sensuality. A specific view of brutal beauty.

Brutal Beauty exhibition: " Borne of the universe of fashion, I have worked with and amongst it's canons of beauty for so many years. What I seek to reveal, with the same vision, is another sensibility stripped of artifice. To captivate beauty in its pure essence. Brutal beauty"